Waterproof Zoomable LED Headlamp

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1.  Lamp beads: Cree XM-LT6 lamp beads, the maximum brightness 6000 lumens, life 100,000 hours;
2.   Hawkeye lens:  Hawkeye lens sheet, so that the light is more focused long-range attack aluminum head protection from wear lenses;
3.  DC charging hole: the head charging hole, connect the power supply can only fast charging, longer battery life;
4.  Quality headlights belt: Elastic lights with design, size adjustment appropriate size according to their head;
5.  Telescopic Focus: telescopic focusing head design, free adjustment astigmatism - condensing conversion, easy to deal with a variety of environments;
6.  Angle adjustment: head according to their own needs and adjust the angle up and down, simple, easy to use, easy to work lighting;
7.  Waterproof switch: rubber non-slip waterproof switch, the material soft, comfortable feel, touch transform third gear: Strong - Weak - Strobe.